Shan Panya

When Hans Leiendecker, our Production Director, joined the Myanmar Vineyard company, one of his first requests was: “ We need a Champagne-type of sparkling wine, made in Aythaya”.  

That was the beginning of a series of production runs which ended with the creation of our “Shan Panya”. That is a sparkling wine with significant levels of carbon dioxide.  Hans obviously had opted for the carbon dioxide to come from natural fermentation in the bottle (“Methode Champenoise”).  
As a matter of fact the Shan Panya is a  "Crémant” or “Sekt" 

The challenge was, and is still ongoing, to find the best white wine grape variety to make a quality sparkling product. Once fermented, it then still takes 1-2 years of maturing before such noble sparkling drink satisfies the demanding palate of connoisseurs. The company is close to reaching that stage; that is why it is listed under “Coming soon”. 

The market still has to wait a while before it is available for special festive occasions

Aythaya Sparkling Rose'

Aythaya Sparkling Rosé

    • Shiraz 95%
    • Red Muscat 5%

    • Salmon colour. The fine Co₂ pearls reinforce the typical Shiraz aroma which is accompanied by a bouquet of roses and fruity freshness. The traces of mellow fructose ensure the necessary and lasting harmony of the after-taste.

Food Matching
    • Sweet and sour and hot-spiced Asian dishes with white meats and well spiced fish dishes. Excellent also for most pastas.

Recommended Temperature
    • 5 – 7° C grade

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