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For Entertaining:

Q.  How many servings in a bottle?

A.  750 ml = 25.4 ounces.
     Approximately 5 to 6 servings depending on pour size.

Q.  How much wine to fill in the wine glass?

A.  Typical wine glass holds 6-8 ounces, but fill it only partially – one-half to two-  
      thirds- so you can enjoy the fragrance and bouquet.

Q. What kind of glass is used to serve wine?

A.  Quality stemware is essential to heighten the taste of fine wine.  Equally 
      important, stemware allows for appreciation of color and inspection of the wine.  
      Besides adding more elegance, the stemware keeps warm hands away from wine 
      for optimum taste.

Production & Costs:

Q.    Why is fine wine more expensive compared to other alcoholic beverages?

A.    Fine wine production is capital, labor, land and barrel intensive.
        Vineyards require rigorous management to produce for harvest the very
        best of the potential of grapes.  Higher quality oak barrels are purchased and 
        utilized for storage in cellars before bottling.
        Every sip you take has taken many components of a passion for producing with   
        the best intentions through effort and patience. Enjoy!

Q.    How many different grapes are there to produce wine?

A.     Wine is as old as civilization from the days of antiquity even before the     
         ancient Greeks sipping from kylix poured from amphora. Cultures have        
         adapted to using grapes often in their local vicinity.  In present time, most of    
         the grapes are of European vinifera that have been proven over centuries for     
         giving us the best results.  One can comfortably think ove 30 to 50 grape  
         varieties used in production by the major wine producing nations. 

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